Thursday, April 19, 2012

my other problem is

a few weeks, actually more like months, i basically complained about the problems that comes with being vertically challenged. remember that?

well here is the thing... i have recently been feeling the affects of another little problem of mine.

but first, the back story

growing up my family moved a lot, and i mean a lot. if we ever made it to the two year mark in one home that was a big deal, big enough that we would have received a "life tile" had our life been the giant board game. now these weren't like great life changing moves, we were always able to attend the same schools, maintain the same friends, even play at the same parks. it was more just a change of scenery, except for that one time we literally moved next door, everything looked pretty much the same that go around. have you ever carried the fridge from your old kitchen to your new one? ya me neither, but i watched my dad and brother do it. but a piano on the other hand, that i have moved.

other then these little moves every other year, there have really only been two biggys. the move to nova scotia, and then the move back from nova scotia.
here is a little fun fact about me/cassie, we lived in nova scotia exactly 4 years to the day, we flew away june 29, 2003, and back june 29, 2007. cool hey?

anyway, change eventually just became the norm for me, to the point that if things around me are the same for too long i would start to get a little itch for something different. and that itch was usually able to be scratched fairly easily by just rearranging my room, painting a wall, making new bedding, those kind of things.

you always hear about people who are scared/apprehensive when it comes to change, well i am literally the exactly opposite, i need change in my life.

now fast forward to my current problem...

it is coming up to that two year mark of living in the same place, and let me tell you i am starting to feel that familiar itch creeping back up, and it is even start to make me a bit twitchy. last weekend i even came close to having a minor psychotic episode in front of dennis, he being someone who has lived in the same house as long he can remember just doesn't really get it.

normally around this time i would be getting ready to pull out all of the packing boxes and stuffing all my clothes into garbage bags, but we aren't going to be moving anytime soon, nor do i want to, i love where we live. and it's not like i can run out and get some paint to revamp my apartment's walls, because i don't own the place. the rooms are much too small to be able to rearrange it any other way then it already is, plus i would need dennis' help to move furniture, but let's just say he is very content with the way things currently are. and if i am going to be sewing anything any time soon, trust me it isn't going to be new bedding. it is certainly time consuming, to say the least, to take on a project of that magnitude. and i'm just not that willing to invest all my spare time into something that i know in a few months i will just end up changing anyway.

and so this is my current state...

and if this doesn't sound like a problem, then i don't know what is.

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  1. hahaha! I love you Chels.