Friday, November 25, 2011

done, and done.

i have been working on this little cross stitching project of mine for a while now. when i say little i actually mean very large, and a while is more like a really long time, im talking almost a year now. it has been comsuming almost all free the free time i have. i come home from work, cross stitch, saturday morning afternoon and evening, cross stitch. it was non stop people. but don't feel bad for me (feel bad for dennis if you must), because i am done! i working my little tail feather off last night to finish it up, i barely even talked to dennis, i feel bad now that i think about it, but it was for a good reason.

it was kind of strange, i finished my last stitch, looked at it with so much pride, and then thought to myself.... now what?

it didnt take me long to remember to pile of other projects that i am promised to get to. some even spanning almost a year ago too.

well here it is, the spoils of all my heard work. i'm sure my knuckles will be thanking me as well. seriously i no long wonder why people of an older generation suffer from joint pain in the fingular area.


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