Tuesday, July 9, 2013

all things new and exciting!

you guys, it's been wild for us this past month.

crazy busy kind of stuff. not like, holy crap i'm going out of my mind busy.

just more like, blogging? ain't nobody got time for that, kind of busy

you see, dennis FINALLY graduated last month.

praise the high heavens!

it feels like all of our married life has been building up to this one day, and you know what happened?

i got in an accident

that morning

not a bad one

but it still happend

in my defence, it was either that or certain death, sooooooo in the end i think it turned out ok

but back to dennis...

he did it!

he wore that cap and gown. stood so we could all take pictures of him. sat (and so did we) through three hours of people talking about nursing. then he proudly walked across that stage, and he didn't even trip. now that's something to be proud of.

most of his family and mine was able to come out and watch our boy in his great moment of accomplishment.


not trip, that was just an added bonus.

and even though it was painfully long, it was all so worth it.

good job dennis!

next on the list.

i gave a talk in church

as a youth it seemed like i was giving talks all. the. time. and it was no big deal. but you see that was about 5 years ago. and i haven't peeped one word up at the pulpit since then.

so the weeks leading up to it, i was going a little out of my mind. not with the anticipation of standing infront of a group of people, that's a piece of cake (just don't actually look anyone in the eye and it's ok), but trying to figure out what to write was enough to send me right of the edge of sanity. i had one of those topics that seems meticulously specific, yet way too broad to make any kind of sense all at the same time. how is anyone even supposed to work with that?

anyway, i spent 2 weeks avoiding and worrying about it. then one week stressing and writing, crumpling, and the rewriting.

i say crumple, because i actually hand write everything first, then type out the finished version.

we went through a lot of paper, and i heard dennis tell me i'm too old fashioned many times.

well sunday came, i stood up and rocked that talk, sat back down and wondered what all the worrying was about. i'll probably remember next time.

you know when you are anticipating the arrival of something that you really don't want to happen, and all you let yourself think about to keep perspective is that exiting thing that is going to happend AFTER the thing you don't want to do?  

well i had one of those things.

remember that compulsive need for change that i have?

well that itch has finally been scratched.


we finally have some more space, a lot more sunlight. a basement to help us out on those crazy hot summer days. a big beautiful yard. a huuuuge garage. bigger kitchen. two bathrooms. laundry room, complete with a full sized washer a dryer. and a few other goodies

you really just never know the value of these simple luxuries until you've lived three years without them.

so ya, there was one little minor set back there.

but mostly, things are really lookin' up for us lately.

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