Saturday, May 4, 2013


today, my baby boy is 2 months old...

it already feels like he is growing up way too fast. when i woke him up yesterday morning i would have sworn to you that overnight he outgrew his squishy newborn face, and replaced it with a full blown plump, round baby face.

he is just such a happy, content baby, and we couldn't have been given a more perfect little person to call our own.

i am going to indulge myself and have a bragging mom moment about the fact that he is already sleeping through the night. yup, that's right. awesome right? he always was a good sleeper, and i had hoped that would result in him sleeping well once he got a bit older. i guess some hopes and dreams do come true.

by far my favorite thing that he has been doing lately is copying me, and the noises that i make at him. he especially loves the "oooooooo"'s. it is seriously the cutest thing ever. i could just sit for hours and chat away with him in one syllable sentences, but his attention span doesn't really allow for that.

a few more of my favorite things about him are...

his eyes are lightening up into the prettiest shade of blue. i never thought that a child of mine would have such blue eyes, and i couldn't be happier that i have been proved wrong.

there is no shortage of smiles with this one, and he always has a nice big one waiting for me when i wake him up in the morning.

the kid loves to have his butt changed. it seems like almost anything can be solved with a fresh, crisp diaper, even if the other one was still only a minute used and completely dry.

bath time. loves it. especially getting his head washed under the facet all wrapped up nice and snug in his towel.


these past two month have possibly been the hardest, but most rewarding of anything i have ever done in my life, and i look forward to the many, many more ahead of us.

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