Wednesday, February 13, 2013

11 things

a few weeks ago when all those chains were going around on blogs, instagram and i  even saw a few on fbook, i was tagged by jessica low (i still refer to her as smith though...) to share a few facts about myself.

honestly, at first i was just going ignore it, but then after reading so many interesting little facts about my friends i decided i would let people into my world and share a few things about myself.

welllllll that was about 3ish weeks ago, and i am only just getting around to finishing the list that i started. mostly because it has been a lot harder then i expected to think of 11 things about myself, actually 11 interesting things about myself. 

and so, here you go...

1. my family moved a lot growing up, like a lot, a lot. if we made it longer then 2 years in one place that was an incredible achievement, and as a result we now refer to our past homes by what colour they were. there are a couple that are the same colour so we then name the neighbourhood they were in.

2. around the age of 8 (i only remember because of what house i lived in) i used to pick up rocks and carry them in my backpack because i was scared on really windy days that i would blow away. oh and incase you were wondering, it was the pink house.

3. my favorite teddy bear was given to me by my aunt,  he came from canadian tire, his name is beary, and i'm not sure why i decided it was a he. when we were living in the pink house my brother broke his nose off, i kept the nose, and it survived through many moves, but never got around to putting it back on. dennis glued it back on for me about a year ago, and he just looks weird now. i have known my beary longer without a nose than with one.

4. i love to eat sauerkraut, with cut up hot dogs and potatoes. dennis thinks it's grose, actually many people do, but i love it.

5. i can not be taught how to knit. i have had so many people try and teach me, i can do it for about a day or so, but i forget immediately. it just doesn't stick with me.

6. i am obsessed with scarves. much to my mothers chagrin i am not big on wearing jewellery, but man i  can rock a scarf. (my birthday is coming you know... )

7. the hair that frames my face naturally grows in blonde highlights, i don't dye it. people ask me if i do, and when i tell them no, and that it just grows that way, i am normally met with a sideways look, because isn't that what everyone wants people to believe? that their hair is naturally the colours that they dye them? but in my case, it is actually true.

8. i am missing a tooth, right in the front of my mouth. i lost my baby tooth in a go-karting mishap, something about confusing the brakes with the gas, i dunno, it all happened very fast. anyway, i lost the baby tooth, but there just wasn't an adult tooth to grow in it's place. so as time passes on, teeth shift, the gap gets filled in, then some years later and a lot of dental work i have a fairly normal looking set of teeth when i smile.

9. right now, we are watching survivor. i love survivor, i feel like i live each year from season to season.

10. i also looooooove donuts. it really is one of my greatest weaknesses, and the frustrating thing is dennis knows just how weak i am. sometimes he gets this little twinkle in his eye, looks at me says "chelly... do you want a donut...?". i buckle right then and there. it's awful, until i get that donut and then everything is hunky dory again.

11. i am trying to become a bit more domestic, trying being the key word here. and to help me start out on this journey is my good friend the crock pot.

so there you have it

and i bet the next time we see each other you are going to be checking out my teeth to see what one is missing. don't worry, everyone does it.

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