Tuesday, October 18, 2011

drawing a blank

do you ever have a one of those days... weeks.... months... (you get where i'm going with this) where it seems like there wasn't a minute to rest, but when looking back you cant think of a single thing that happened? well this past week was kind of like that.

so, let's recap some of the highlights shall we?

on saturday thanksgiving weekend, dennis and i celebrated our first wedding anniversary by going to dinner at ruth's chris steakhouse. there literally are no words to describe how delicious our meal was. and if you are ever thinking of going to dinner there for a special occasion, make sure to mention what that occasion is, birthday, anniversary blah blah blah and your dessert is on the house.

sunday, our actually anniversary date, we went to church in the morning then stayed home,enjoyed the day together, and went on a walk around our community.

at the end of this pathway, it opens up to a beautiful park complete with large trees, piles of yellow leaves everywhere, and a swing set, dennis loved the swing set.

 monday, we had thanksgiving dinner at my parents house, it was deeeeeelicious, complete with homemade apple crumble, moooooouth wateriiiiiiiiiing.

tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday.
oh friday!

we went on a double date with cassie and ryan to peter's drive in, so yummy! i love their milkshakes (i always order strawberry, rasberry, blackberry) they have so many flavors, the combinations are almost endless it seems.

cass dropped her milkshake, but don't worry becauuuuuuuuse....

happy tuesday everybody

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