Friday, August 16, 2013

the great diaper debate

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ok, so it may not actually be that great.

and, it may not ever really be a debate.

but i know that the for the amount of time i spend in the diaper aisle, staring at all that red and green, there really should be one.

but since there hasn't, and probably won't be one, i decided to conduct a little experiment of my own.

but first, the back story:

when Willem was born i used pampers. that's what anyone i knew used on their babies, heck that's even what the hospital uses.

so why not?

that's also what i got as gifts from everyone, so i didn't even have to consider any alternative.

it went well i guess, he never had any blowout in them (and to this day has never really had what i would call a "blowout", just more of a leaking). he did develop a diaper rash around 2 weeks, which took a lot of diaper cream and time to clear up.

then, as i came to the end of my pampers stock, i had some loose huggies that dennis' cousin and his wife gave to us.

you guys, i loved them!

they were so much softer then the crunchy paper like material of pampers, they were contoured, which got rid of those red lines the pampers elastic left on the insides of his legs. and they absorbed soooo much better.

we have even been completely diaper rash free.

ever since that is what i have used.

ok, now jump forward to last week. as i was mulling through the baby aisle at superstore i saw that the little 36 pack of pampers was on sale.

now i don't know about you, but every now and then i like to try things out that i have written off, just to reaffirm my detest for them (like olives bleh!), or find that as i have grown up, so have my taste buds and now enjoy things that used to make me cringe at the thought of them (bananas!)

well this is what went through my mind, so i grabbed a bag, and the experiment started.

and the conclusion?

pampers suck the big one!

i feel like i am changing his diaper twice as often as with huggies, and with a kid whose plumbing works as efficiently as mine does, that's a lot. he even gets fussy when he has been in it more then a second after he wet it. never did that with huggies.

please don't think i never change his diaper. i do. a lot. but you can't always get to it right away, you know?

oh and that diaper rash, yup it's back. and in my books, it's not just a coincidence.

i still cringe a bit when i see those red lines on his legs. i mean, imagine how you would feel if your  underwear cut into your legs like that. ya, that's what i thought.

i know that so many people prefer pampers, but honestly i don't get it.

before he was born i read up on the differences, and everything i read said pampers is the way to go.

i even did some double checking tonight, and yup, the moms of america still hate the huggies.

one lady even said, and i quote "i don't know why they are even on the market!"

because they are better! that's why lady.

but that's just me.

could this maybe be why they are on sale more often then pampers?...

oh well, more for me!

thankfully, we used up our last little crunchy diaper, and i couldn't have been happier when he peed in it about 5 minutes later.

good riddance, pampers.

i will never invest money in you again.

i am a huggies lover until the last diaper change.

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