Wednesday, February 8, 2012

my crazy girls

what happens when you let 15 little girls, between the ages of 8 and 12 run free in a big open gym? absolute pandemonium! i know boys can be loud, but girls? girls scream and squeal! boys don't do that. i think my ears are still ringing a bit from last night's achievement day activity (it is actually called activity days now, but activity day activity sounded funny to me). when i got home last night i was exhausted, i sat down on the couch and stared. at what? i don't even know.

it was really fun to run around, and play with them, it definitely made me feel like a little girl again (being honest though, i'm really not thaaaaat much older then them). i even got to pass along some of my patty cake skills,  these kids don't know stella-ella-olla! i was in shock. oh and kit-kat, remember that one? if you don't let me jog  your memory "gimme a break, gimme a break..." remember now? it was like training a cat to use the toilet (which i have never done, but i can only imagine), really long and painful at first, but in the end soooo worth it.

and just after we had run all of the jitters out of them, we went and got them all sugared up, and then sent them home. 
parents, you are welcome. 

oh and by the way, i can no longer hula hoop to save my life. 

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