Thursday, November 24, 2011

not doing so well

so one of the reasons that we (mostly me) decided to start this blog was so that we would have more incentive to take pictures of the happenings in our little world, and the completely fascinating (not really) things that we have been up to. i was doing really well at first, but then i got back into my old habit of never remembering to bring our camera anywhere, and the odd time that i did remember, i just forgot to use it. funny how that works right? and then as a result of my forgetfulness, i end up having to relying on the photos taken by others, and then having them sent to me.

a perfect example of this happened this past saturday. my parents hosted a surprise party for dennis' big 2-4. i am so glad that my mother is the party planning queen (seriously were you at my wedding? all her) because i fail miserably when it comes to planning anything.

thanks to all who came to celebrate with us, and a huge thanks to my parents and cassie for planning, decorating, and providing such yummy snacks, honestly for doing pretty much everything.

photo credit and mad emailing skills go to cassie

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